Clavinova Digital Grandpiano polished ebony



IL CLP765GP utilizza il non-plus-ultra della tecnologia per ricreare la sensazione di suonare su un pianoforte a coda, permettendo al pianista di suonare i tasti selezionando molte variazioni di risposta alla velocità e al tocco ottenendo così molteplici variazioni di suono e creare performance uniche e personali. Grazie alle capacità espressive vicine a quelle di un pianoforte a coda, il CLP765gp rende più piacevole che mai suonare il pianoforte.

  • New Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples, new Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer binaural sampling
  • 38 voices, including 2 fortepiano voices (Mozart Piano/Chopin Piano)
  • Improved VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling)
  • Grand Expression Modeling
  • GrandTouch-S™ keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • (50 W + 42 W) x 2 amplifiers
  • (16 cm + 5 cm) x 2 speaker system
  • USB Audio Recorder (Playback/Recording: WAV)
  • 20 rhythms
  • Built-in Bluetooth® audio
  • Wireless connection to the Smart Pianist app via Bluetooth® MIDI


    Width  1,461 mm (57-1/2'') [Polished finish: 1,466 mm (57-11/16'')]

    Height 932 mm (36-11/16'')

    Depth  1,147 mm (45-3/16'')

    Peso    57 kg (125 lb, 11 oz) [Polished finish: 60 kg (132 lb, 4 oz)]

    Control Interface       

    Number of Keys         88

    Tipo     GrandTouch-S™ keyboard: synthetic ebony and ivory key tops, escapement

    Touch Sensitivity        Hard2/Hard1/Medium/Soft1/Soft2/Fixed

    88-key Linear Graded Hammers        –

    Counterweight           –

    Number of Pedals      3: Damper (with half-pedal function), Sostenuto, Soft

    Functions        Sustain (Switch), Sustain Continuously, Sostenuto, Soft, Pitch Bend Up, Pitch Bend Down, Rotary Speed, Vibe Rotor, Song Play/Pause

    GP Response Damper Pedal  –

    Display Full Dots LCD Size     128 x 64 dots

    Language        English, Japanese

    Panel type       Buttons

    Language        English


    Key Cover Style          Sliding

    Music Rest      Yes

    Music Braces  Yes


    Piano Sound   Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial

    Binaural Sampling      Yes (CFX Grand and Bösendorfer voices only)

    Key-off Samples         Yes

    Smooth Release         Yes

    VRM    Yes

    Grand Expression Modeling   Yes

    Number of Polyphony (Max.) 256

    Number of Voices      38

    Effects types: 

    Reverb 6

    Chorus 3

    Brilliance         7+ User

    Master Effect  12

    Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)      Yes

    Stereophonic Optimizer         Yes

    Functions Dual/Layers           Yes

    Split     Yes

    Duo     Yes


    Number of Preset Songs        21 voice demo songs + 50 classics + 303 lesson songs

    Number of Songs       250

    Number of Tracks      16

    Data Capacity approx. 500 KB/Song

    Riproduzione  SMF (Format 0, Format 1)

    Recording       SMF (Format 0)


    Piano Room    Yes

    USB Audio Recorder   .wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)

    Recording       .wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)

    Metronome    Yes

    Tempo Range 5 – 500

    Transpose       -24

    Tuning 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)

    Scale Type       7 types

    Rhythm           20

    Bluetooth       Audio/MIDI (varies by country)

    Storage and Connectivity      

    Storage Internal Memory      Total maximum size approx. 1.4 MB

    External Drives           USB flash drive

    Headphones   Standard stereo phone jack (x 2)

    MIDI    [IN] [OUT] [THRU]

    AUX IN Stereo Mini

    AUX OUT         [L/L+R] [R]

    AUX Pedal       –

    USB TO DEVICE           Yes

    USB TO HOST  Yes

    DC IN   24 V

    Amplifiers and Speakers       

    Amplifiers       (50 W + 42 W) x 2

    Diffusori          (16 cm + 5 cm) x 2


    Consumo        30 W

    Auto Power Off          Yes

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